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Speaking Topics

Do you need a speaker for your event? Are you looking for a warm and relatable presenter? Someone who’s transparent, challenging, yet encouraging? Someone who’s just a bit quirky?
I combine Biblical principles with techniques from journalism, mass communication, consumer behavior and marketing research to help attendees take practical steps to growth and freedom in Christ.
I would love to present any of the following topics at your event. Just contact me with your needs. If you don’t see a topic you’re interested in, feel free to ask me about it. I would be happy to create a customized presentation.



Recovery Testimony: “Whiter than Snow”

In this 45-minute presentation, audience members hear about my candid struggles with codependency, workaholism, fear, mental illness, among other issues. They will leave encouraged that they, too, can be free from their unhealthy habits and false beliefs about God and his love for them. A Q&A session can be added to this presentation.



Adoption Testimony: “In the Fullness of Time”

In this 40-minute presentation, audience members hear our family’s adoption journey of three siblings. A Q&A session can be added to this presentation.



Mental Illness Testimony: “Better Living Through Chemistry”

In this one-hour presentation, audience members hear my journey of depression and bipolar disorder. They can more clearly visualize the prevalence of mental illness in our society. Audience members learn the struggles of those with mental illnesses. They also learn practical steps on how to support loved ones who have mental illness. A Q&A session can be added to this presentation.



Accepting Your Pesky Imperfections

Are you a perfectionist? Do you struggle with getting the tiniest of details exactly right? Do you tend to criticize yourself and focus on your pesky imperfections? In this presentation, audience members learn that Jesus makes all the difference in how they view themselves. They also learn practical ways to let go of their perfectionism.



Askin’ For It

Do you have a hard time asking for what you want? Do you feel a knot in your throat when you want to speak up–but keep quiet instead? Are you often overwhelmed because you won’t ask for help? In this 45-minute workshop, audience members compare and contrast their struggles with asking for what they want to that of the Biblical blind beggar Bartimaeus. Audience members also learn seven practical steps to ask for what they want.



Cleaning Out Your Closet

Why do we hold on to things for so long? Why do we leave them in our internal closets without even giving them a second thought? Why do we let them pile up? It’s hard letting go of the past, isn’t it? No matter how great today is, we tend to say–or think, “I wish I could do XYZ–or be XYZ–again.” Truth is: Sometimes we hold on to things that are meant to stay in the past. They were in our lives only for a season–a beginning, middle, and end. In this one-hour session, attendees learn to identify the things in their internal closets that need to go.



A Codependent’s Guide to the Holidays

As a recovering co-dependent and people-pleaser, do you cringe at the onset of the holiday season? Yes, the holidays are joyous—after all, we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But do you get anxious and overwhelmed at all the holiday expectations, hustle, frenzy, and event after event after event? In this one-hour interactive workshop, attendees participate in a practical approach to minimizing the stress and unrealistic expectations during the holidays.



Coping with Change

Parts of me want change; other parts resist it. Sometimes, we bring change on ourselves. Sometimes, change finds us. New careers. Illness. Family dynamics. Moving. Any number of life events can produce mixed feelings within us. How can we balance the push into the unknown with the pull of the familiar? In this 45-minute presentation, attendees learn six ways they can cope with the planned—and unexpected—changes in their lives.



Oh, God! Quick: Fight, Flight, or Freeze???

Your heart races. Stress stings your pores. Beads of sweat sneak through your skin. You don’t know what to make of it, but it has set you on edge. Threatened. Afraid. Fearful. Uncertain. Confused. You can: Fight, Flight, or Freeze. How does God want you to respond when you are afraid? In this 40-minute presentation, attendees learn how to face their fears based on the popular Scripture passage of Jesus and three of his disciples on a mountainside.



Preventing–and Reversing–Relapse

Recovery is a life-long journey. It’s day in and day out–morning, noon, and night. We rejoice with our victories, and we sob with our defeats. Many times, our missteps teach us the greatest lessons. But if we’re not careful, our missteps can also send us head first into a full-blown relapse. In this one-hour presentation, attendees learn seven ways they can prevent—and even reverse—relapse on their recovery journeys.



Recalling His Enduring Mercies

In this one-hour interactive workshop, participants learn to practice gratitude for the ways God has shown them mercy in the big things and little things in life. They go through their own gratitude exercise and are able to share with the group how they recall God’s enduring mercies in their lives. This workshop is great for groups whose members struggle with chronic illnesses, crises, or some other traumatic event/situation.



Tuning into God’s Signals

Too often, we tend to continue with our daily routines sensing that something is amiss, but we rationalize it away. Prolonged disappointment at work. Fuzzy boundaries in relationships. Even emptiness in ministry. Many times, God uses these noises to get our attention. Sometimes we recognize His voice immediately. Other times, it takes much longer. In this one-hour presentation, audience members learn eight keys to acting on God’s attention-getters in their lives.



You Can Clear Your Head!

Are you feeling confused, stressed, frenzied, boxed in, even chaotic? In this one-hour interactive workshop, attendees learn how to put pen to paper and write through their chaos toward healing and freedom.



You Can Step away from Bad Habits!

Do you have an unhealthy habit? You know… The one that makes you say, “Ugh. I did it again!” Maybe you ate the things you told yourself you would not eat. Maybe you acted out in anger when you vowed you wouldn’t. Maybe you stayed inside all day when you told yourself you would—at the very least—take a walk around the block. Sometimes, the mere idea of changing an unhealthy habit seems daunting, doesn’t it? In this interactive one-hour workshop, attendees start a four-step process to tackle any unhealthy habit in a healthy way.



You Would Wait Too

I found myself single again, but I just knew it wouldn’t be long before I walked the aisle again. One year passed, and still I wasn’t married. Frustrated, I had an encounter that made me realize I was not ready to be married again. In this 45-minute presentation, audience members learn how to make the most of their singlehood while they are waiting for Mr. or Miss Right. This presentation is from a female’s perspective and is geared toward a female audience. This presentation can be extended into a workshop with audience participation.



Lord, I want to Encourage Others with my Writing…. You Want Me to Say What?!?!

This one-hour presentation is geared toward inspirational authors. Attendees go through a word study of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4—how to comfort others with the comfort God has given them. Then, they learn 10 practical tips on how writers can be more transparent, encourage readers in their walk with God, and help themselves to continue to heal from their hurts and negative experiences.



More topics coming soon!

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